Firetoys 2 Point Aerial Hoop - Pearl Black

Aerial Hoops


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2 point aerial hoop - powder coated, made in the UK to the highest safety standards. 

Our two point aerial hoop is made from premium grade steel with a black matt finish. The paint job on our aerial hoops is now better than ever before. It's even more hard-wearing thanks to the epoxy resin powder coating that is baked on for a longer lasting finish.

The connectors on this hoop are ready to accept suitable carabiner in order to connect it to a strop, hanging cable, or cable reinforeced cotton rope. Please note - the 12mm quick links (maillon rapide) will not fit our aerial hoops as the thread is wider than the hole in the rigging point (the 8mm maillon rapides will fit). You can also attach our strops directly to the ring hanging points without the need for a carabiner.

Using cable reinforced ropes is the preferred rigging method for many people as it opens up tricks using the ropes that you can't do with a one-point aerial ring.

For a rotating and very stable rig you can use a paw plate to connect the top of the 2 cables, strops or ropes together, and then attach them to a swivel. You should always make sure that you use the right piece of rigging equipment that is suitable for being pulled in 3 directions. This is called tri-loading and most carabiners will NOT be able to be safely rigged like this.