Firetoys 50m Roll of Firetoys Aerial Adhesive Tape/Tejp - 5cm Wide

Aerial tillbehör


549.00 Kr
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Thin self adhesive rayon tape for trapezes, lyras (aerial hoops) and all other aerial equipment. This tape has a finer weave than the M-Tape so is softer on the hands but still hard wearing. This tape is also less sticky than the M-Tape. This is not a bad thing as the M-Tape can sometimes be too sticky and can require chalk to get rid of the excess adhesive. That shouldn't be necessary with this aerial tape. A 50m roll of the 5cm rayon tape will cover approx 8 aerial rings. Please note that for aerials rings you may find it easier to use the 2.5cm wide rayon tape as it is less likely to fold when applying. Available in red, black, green, yellow, blue or white.