Firetoys Figure 8 for Rigging Silks

Aerial tillbehör


490.00 Kr
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Tie your silks to this figure 8 and hang them from your anchor point. BLL: 35kN WLL: (when used with a Firetoys aerial silk) 128kg (282 lbs)

This figure 8 rope descender is suitable for rigging aerial silks. It can be used like a cloche or silk hook to hang your aerial fabric and secure it to your mounting point.

Made from anodised aluminium this figure 8 is light weight but strong and a great shape to secure silks to. This item has been strength tested with Firetoys aerial silks but not with Voltige ones. The compact design makes this silk hook very portable.

The breaking load limit of this item is 35kN for its intended climbing use. When combined with a Firetoys silk this rig has a working load limit of 128kg (282 lbs).

Dimensions: 105mm x 55mm x 10mm

Weight: 196g

WLL: 128kg