Firetoys Prodigy Aerial Swivel/Rotational Device - Large Round

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879.00 Kr
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A chunky wide mouthed swivel for the bigger rigging scenarios you might come up against.


This large swivel can hold its own against most others out there with a MBS of 30kN, and the large eyes on either end mean you can clip any number of things into it. (one at a time though) You can even fit a whole polyester strop through it! The great benefit of this is that you can eliinate other metal compents from your rigging, saving height, money, and increasing longevity by reducing wear.

Made by Prodigy specifically for aerial, it still holds up to every PPE and climbing standard necessary to use it for either of those disciplines, and is CE marked too.

The two halves of the swivel spinner's body are machined aluminium which give this swivel maximum strength with minimal weight. The core section is stainless steel, as are the ball bearings that keep this spinning so smoothly.

This aluminium gives it a total weight of 180g, and it adds 9cm to your rigging.