Firetoys Prodigy Aerial Swivel/Rotational Device - Small Round

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719.00 Kr
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This fantastic heavy duty little ball bearing rotational device will fit perfectly into your system, whether you use it for silks, hoop, or whatever you want.



This small swivel spinner has an MBS of 30kN, which is stronger than most swivels of this size, meaning you don't have to sacrifice strength for rigging space.

Made by prodigy specifically for aerial, it still holds up to every PPE and climbing standard necessary to use it for either of those disciplines, and is CE marked too.

A classic climbing swivel construction, the 2 halves of the body are machined aluminium, and the core section is stainless steel, as are the ball bearings that keep this spinning so smoothly.

This aluminium allows it to keep its very low weight of 74g, and it only adds 7cm to your rigging.