ISC KL321 Twist-Locking Offset Oval Carabiner

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300.00 Kr
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The ISC KL321 Twist Lock Offset Oval Carabiner is an extremely strong steel carabiner. Its high strength is due to the hybrid shape that combines popularity and versatility of an oval carabiner with the strength of a D-shaped carabiner. Ovals aren't able to achieve these sort of strengths because they distribute the load evenly over the spine and gate and the gate is always weaker than the spine. D carabiners bias the load much more towards the spine which is why this hybrid, offset oval carabiner can achieve an MBS of 40kN. Due to the simple twist lock mechanism of the gate care should be taken to ensure that nothing comes into contact with the gate when in use. So it's not recommended for use connecting directly to an aerial hoop but is perfect at the top of the system.

These Carabiners are electrogalvanised (zinc plated), giving them a zinc coating that makes them corrosion resistant. However this coating is less durable than a hot-dipped galvanisation process. The cold-forging process developed by ISC has allowed them to offer the common keylock style to this carabiner. It's been tested up to 40kN. See the specs tab for full technical details and the picture above for all dimensions. Complies with EN 362 and is CE certified.