Lilith Heels - Pandora 8 Inch

8" Heel

Lilith Heels

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Burning curiosity, longing for knowledge and hope when faced with dark times: Pandora

Curiosity, a gift or a curse?
Portrayed as evil throughout time, the woman whose curiosity unleashed horrors, plagues and demons upon the men of the world. Pandora was made as a divine punishment for accepting a stolen gift and tricking the gods they served, to forever plague men of the world. Bestowed with the gifts of wise words from Hermes, craftsmanship from Athena, emotional connection from Aphrodite and an unyielding curiosity from Zeus, she’s made sheer guile, not to be withstood by men.
So why not channel your inner Pandora with these high laced heels in toxic green. Like the green wisps of smoke always depicted in paintings of the box opening, let these beauties make you stand out in the crowd and forever remembered.