Lupit Pole Classic G2 - Quick Lock - Stainless Steel 42mm & 45mm

Lupit Pole Classic Quick Lock


4,555.00 Kr
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Storlek: 42mm & 45mm
Material: Rostfritt stål

LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK™ is the latest purchase for anyone exercising at home.

Stången har en omkrets på 42 eller 45 mm vilket ger ett optimalt grepp. Ytan består av finpolerat rostfritt stål som gör att den även passar dig som är känslig eller allergisk mot krom.

After a year of development and testing, the Lupit G2 Home Pole Classic and Diamond Line have been equipped with a QUICK-LOCK previously reserved for PRO studio poles and the Stage Line. This allows you to change FROM SPIN TO STATIC AND v.v. in seconds and safely continue with your routine. You can consider the Lupit Pole Quick Lock as an addition to your existing G2 or any product in the entire G2 line.Tested by pole dance leaders.
For ceilings higher than 2800mm, check out our extension in the related products and extend your pole up to 3300mm.
NOTE: extension has to be bought separately, it is not a part of a basic kit


  • The LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK™ system simplifies the transition between static mode and spin mode on LUPIT G2 poles.
  • The basic kit can fit ceilings from 2334mm to 2834mm
  • Basic kit + one 500mm extension can also fit the ceilings up to  3334mm
  • Simply turn the lock ring on the lower bearing system to lock or unlock the pole.
  • The diamond indicates whether the pole is in spin or static mode
  • The dancer can change mode mid-performance, adding a whole new dimension to choreography
  • Stainless steel

Latest updates

  • BETTER SPIN, as a consequence of improved joint system and upgraded bearing systems.
  • INCREASED STABILITY: fewer extensions for the same height & increased max. height to 3300mm/ 10'9.92''
  • EASIER INSTALLATION & SAFER THREAD LOCK: changed technology for thread block, without impractical and large key tools, and hard tightening of the locking nuts.
  • SMOOTHER DESIGN: the cover fits the lower part - no more gap, and the cover does not get unscrewed during the exercise. 



Before purchasing, please make sure you have measured the height of the floor to the ceiling where you plan to install the pole. This would help you avoid any frustration when you come to install the pole, as you will have the proper extensions (if needed) to reach your desired height.
When you install a pole at home, it must be placed under a sturdy structure in your ceiling. The structure in your ceiling is often called a beam or stud. They may be made of metal or wood, or you may have a concrete ceiling.
Elevates pole dancing to a new level of experience. Tested by pole dance leaders.