Firetoys Prodigy Aerial Silk (Aerial Fabric / Tissus) - Low Stretch Aerial Silks



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A professional level low stretch silks, perfect for training and performance. Please note the size listed is the TOTAL length of the silk. As aerial silks are rigged from the centre the working length is a little under half the total length.

*please note* The colour in the turquoise fabric is sensitive to UV light, and will fade if left in bright direct sunlight or powerful flourescents. This will not affect the strength of the fabric.



The Prodigy silks are woven from nylon in a way that gives them a small amount of bounce, without making them so stretchy as to drain your energy while climbing. This gives them enough cushioning for drops while leaving you with the stamina for long performances and routines. 

Low Stretch does not mean no stretch though, and the limited stretch these silks do have means that wraps won't constrict you or cut into you like some cheaper nylon silks can do, allowing both efficiency and comfort.

Prodigy Aerial silks are also much wider than most silks available in Europe, measuring in at 290cm wide, these are excellent for cocoons and width based wraps, and can also be rigged as a hammock/loop. Fear not though, as they are a slightly finer knit than many silks at 40 denier, even with both halves bunched together, they won't be too bulk for most aerialists hands.

This particular type of fabric also grants these silks their beautiful shine, which gives a fantastic look to any performance, while remaining grippy enough to climb with ease. They also have just enough weight to them to stay in place for you, without weighing you down while wrapping.



Prodigy silks are regularly destruction tested, and have been assigned a WLL (working load limit) of 220kg (485lbs) based on a safety factor of 7:1, these tests were done while rigged to an aluminium figure 8, which is the most common way of rigging this type of fabric. If you wanted to increase your fabric's durability, you can add a sleeve before rigging to a figure 8, or rig from a fabric hook.

If you need a certificate for your performances or insurance, these are available on request from Firetoys.


All Aerial fabrics are prone to reaching high temperatures during long or high energy slack drops, this can result in small melted patches, and even holes. These holes are caused by the friction of the fabric rubbing against itself and the performer during high speed movement. Nylon and low stretch fabrics are more succeptible, so it is important to inspect these silks regularly if you routinely perform slack drops. However, you should always take care when practicing slack drops, and be aware of the high amount of friction you can generate during these drops. Please note that these melts can happen to new silks as well as old ones, so the condition of your silks will need to be inspected regularly throughout their lifespan.

If you regularly perform slack drops, you will need to inspect the full length of your fabric regularly, and the fabric will need replacing more often


Prodigy is a premium aerial equipment brand based in the UK, all prodigy equipment is the result of years of expertise and research, from aerialists who use the equipment they sell.